ConfiGAP updated – 2.0.2


We released a new version of ConfiGap that now supported auto-updating for OSX users. We also addressed a minor build issue for Windows users. You can download it from http://configap.com/.

What’s next?

We are looking at extending this tool so it will work with non-PhoneGap Build config.xml files. Under the hood, we are looking to migrate the code base to Angular 2 and Angular Material.

If there is a feature you want to be added into ConfiGAP, just let us know.

Ionic Framework Code Hinting in Brackets


Recently I have been doing more mobile development with the Ionic Framework as my ui framework of choice. Developing with Ionic has been a lot of fun, but since it is based in part on AngularJS, it leverages a variety of custom directives. So, I found myself keep the docs open in a separate browser window while I was coding. Since I had written a code hinting module for jQuery Mobile, I decided to do the same for Ionic!


Note: This extension is only does code hinting. There are several other extensions that provide access to the Ionic CLI.

To install the extension simply:

  1. Install Brackets 1.0 or later.
  2. In Brackets, click the menu item File > Extension Manager…
  3. Go to the “Available” tab of the dialog that appears.
  4. Type “ionic code hinter” in the search box.
  5. Click the “Install” button in the search result for Ionic Code Hinter.

Let me know if you have any issues or comments. Happy coding!

Adobe AIR to support upcoming iOS x64 requirement

Adobe AIR

Starting February 1st 2015, Apple will be requiring all new iOS applications submitted to the App Store to include support for 64-bit.  The Flash Runtime team is committed to supporting our AIR developers and end users.  Our team recognizes that platform compatibility is crucial to our customers, and supporting new OS versions and requirements are a top priority.

We’re hard at work adding iOS 64-bit compatibility to AIR in an upcoming beta which we look forward to making available in December 2014.

Both AIR and Flash Player have very active public beta programs, with updates made on almost a weekly basis.  We encourage all developers to participate and provide feedback to Adobe.  Updates, release notes and additional information can be found on Adobe Labs.

Thoughts on Adobe Creative Cloud 2014…


It has been a few weeks since the release of Creative Cloud 2014, and have had a chance to fully integrate the various apps into my daily workflow. As with any new tools, it takes a bit to get used to the changes and to discover how the new features work.

icon-48.fp-5541debeb12c469a693561461388d45aLet’s start with the big guy, Photoshop. Now not really a new feature for Creative Cloud 2014 release, but the Generator functionality that was added after the initial Creative Cloud release is still my feature (hey, my review, my rules). As a prototyper, I often get my visual assets is various states of development. Being able to quickly generate the assets I need, in the formats I need is great time saver.

I also love seeing how the team has integrated the TypeKit service into Photoshop as well. Now I can open my designer’s PSDs and be able to access the typography they have chosen. I may have good collection of fonts on my machine, but it no match to my designer’s collection.

The last feature that I have found useful in my workflow is the improvement to Layer Comps. Developing mobile user interfaces means handling a variety of screens sizes and orientations. While not perfect for this, we are finding that we can use this to better group the user interfaces together.

icon-48.fp-289fc33f826f0284f3ac2ed0a7c722fbMy Illustrator skills are not nearly as strong as they should be. So having the new ability to help me close my paths has been great. I always had trouble keeping my work “on pixel”, often I would find once my work was rasterized, there was more anti-aliasing than I expected. Illustrator can now also snap the anchor points to pixel, grid or point. Also, they have done some nice work on working with anchor points. I think I can really start to use Illustrator as my drawing tool, rather than just working with designs given to me by my visual designers. Since I am also starting to use more and more SVGs in both my web and mobile development, I am sure I will be seeing that pen tool more and more.

icon-48.fp-ab5d905480c4975a4711aed4fe027db6Speaking of web development, Dreamweaver got a few nice touches as well. I must confess, most of my day to day web development is done using Brackets. But there are times when I need to open a competed web page to work with. In those cases I often do launch Dreamweaver. I was pleased to see some of the new inspectors, the element quick view has been useful when working on a complex DOM, and attempting to see the structure. I also like the live view property inspector that has been added. It is nice to be able to poke around and see what is being applied to an element. That is one thing that interrupts my workflow with Brackets, is pulling up the Chrome Inspector and losing the live refresh link with the page.

I also do a fair amount of teaching new developers web technologies, and it nice to see that the CSS that Dreamweaver is producing is clean, and the new visual editing tools can really assist your development workflow.

icon-48.fp-7aee161e34391878452392f6f08b7725I wrote about some of the new improvements to Flash in a previous post. In short, Flash is returning to its roots as a premiere animation solution. We can now publish to HTML5 via the create.js library or through WebGL. In fact, the team brought back the motion editor that has removed in Flash Professional CC. Another nice addition to Flash is the ability to export SVGs.

icon-48.fp-e2933b90285ca810d1d6c2eac1e9534eThe last tool that I have been experimenting with is Adobe Muse. We are always looking for ways to shorten our prototyping cycle. Although are some interesting tools in the prototyping space, due to various reason we are not allowed to use them. So I decided to take another look at Adobe Muse in this release to see it might assist us. There were several under the hood changes that really made a difference, the two most noticeable is the fact it has been completely rebuilt with 64-bit support. The sluggishness that existed in previous versions is now a distant memory. The app also now supports HiDPI screens (and if you like a dark UI). Doubt I will use Muse as part of my production workflow, but I think we can leverage its easy to use features to quickly mockup and prototype with.

I am really enjoying the improvements to my workflow by using the 2014 release of Creative Cloud. Let me know what features are helping your workflow.



I just got back from two days up at the Adobe San Francisco office getting briefed on the upcoming announcements. A good many of my dear friends were there. We shared stories, laughter, and that sense of community that we as humans relish. We toasted to friends who could not join us this time as well. We were among a special extended family. The internet has allowed this extended family to form.

While waiting for my flight home, I saw my friend Eric Meyer’s tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 8.21.09 AM


My heart sank. Tears began to fill my eyes as I sat at the gate.

If you are a web designer or developer, you owe a part of your job to the work Eric has done and continues to do to on CSS. I am proud to say I know him. When An Event Apart was in San Diego time before last, I had a chance to take him aboard the USS Midway. We chatted about lots of things, the web, our mutual passion for atomic history, but also family. He spoke of the joy of adopting his children and raising them.

But last summer, their daughter Rebecca became ill. It was soon discovered there were brain tumors. Although they tried everything science could offer, the tumors are about to win. Eric has chronicled their saga, in part as way to remember. You can read it at meyerweb.com

Now, I want to ask my community, my friends, to take a moment and ask themselves how they can make the world a better place. How can I make my community stronger?

Eric mentioned that soon he will have to create a memorial page for his sweet child. I am sure he will include guidance of how we can show our support in her honor. So, please think of the community around you and what you can do. I don’t want this to be a fund raising appeal, but more a call to action. I have seen the power of community, maybe it can offer a beacon of hope and healing.

Developing Mobile Solutions with Adobe Creative Suite 6

I recently gave a 2 hour presentation on some of the new features in Adobe Creative Suite 6 at the Orange County CS6 Launch event. The presentation was a whirlwind tour of some new features in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash. I had meant to demonstrate Shadow as well, but that was interrupted. I focused on the workflow of building a jQuery Mobile application using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. I also quick touched on taking your mobile web application, and using PhoneGap to create a native application. I shifted gears and then talk about Flash and it’s new role in the mobile ecosystem.