About me


I am currently the User Experience lead for a home automation/security company and am also an instructor at UCSD Extension teaching Mobile Application development. I have over 15 years experience in developing prototypes for a variety of clients and platforms.

I am also an Adobe Community Professional and regularly invited to speak at conferences such as Adobe MAX, ngConf, UXPA, and various user groups.

I have developed several iPhone and Android applications. More recently, I have been developing ConfiGAP, a utility for use with PhoneGap Build. In addition, I have served as a technical reviewer for several O’Reilly publications and written for uxmag.com and the Adobe Developer Connection.When I am not coding, I am either spending time with my family or out sea kayaking. You can follow him on twitter @chrisgriffith.

[Opinions and thoughts that are my own and that are not necessarily shared by the company that I work for.]



  1. Chris,

    I happened to run into your blog and am very impressed.

    I am currently looking for help with the development of a simplified Learning Management System (LMS) which will work with AIR and the web, using pure Actionscript 3.0. Additionally, I would like it to work on the Android phone/tablets.

    If you are available for contract programming, or can refer me to someone else (preferably local) who is interested, please let me know.


    Dan Abramovich

  2. Thanks for the tutorials. Lemme ask you, is there a way to create scrolling (horizontal) set of thumbnails that when clicked play video. Think like a timeline presentation with clickable graphics that launch short clips to explain what was happening at that time. I’d like to do this in FC.

    Thanks again.

  3. Amazingly resourceful site you have created! I have a client who seeks a Sr. Flash/Flex UI Developer. They must have a high degree of proficiency writing rich client code with Java, Flex 4, and/or Air 1.5. Perhaps one of your group members would be interested in such a job opportunity? Thank you!

  4. Chris thanks for the amazing talk at the Adobe CS6 Launch Camp in Long Beach. Was eager to hear more on mobile web after the raffle but to bad for us they pulled the projector. You helped me realize that Flash is not dead as some of my colleagues’ has stated to me.

    Thanks again

  5. Hi,
    Great work in Lynda Course – Building Mobile Apps with the PhoneGap Command-Line Interface

    Please, could you tell me a Phonegap plugin to Push Notification, that works with Phonegap Build

    Thanks a lot

  6. Hello Sir… I’ve purchased and have been going through your “Mobile App Development with Ionic, Revised Edition”. I have a long history as an old-fashioned software developer, and I’m teaching myself more current Web tools. However, the O’Reilly procedures for downloading your source code seem like total mud to me. All I can get is a file called “README.md” that contains the text “Download code examples at”, and nothing more. Is the code still available?

    P.Q. Ritter

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