Prototyping with Bootstrap workshop at UXPA 2015


I am excited to announce that I will be giving a workshop on Monday evening at the upcoming UXPA conference entitled: “Rapid HTML prototyping with Bootstrap”. Registration for the conference is not open yet, but there are only 10 slots available. I am really looking forward to leading this workshop. Hope to see you there!

Details at:

Ionic Framework Code Hinting in Brackets


Recently I have been doing more mobile development with the Ionic Framework as my ui framework of choice. Developing with Ionic has been a lot of fun, but since it is based in part on AngularJS, it leverages a variety of custom directives. So, I found myself keep the docs open in a separate browser window while I was coding. Since I had written a code hinting module for jQuery Mobile, I decided to do the same for Ionic!


Note: This extension is only does code hinting. There are several other extensions that provide access to the Ionic CLI.

To install the extension simply:

  1. Install Brackets 1.0 or later.
  2. In Brackets, click the menu item File > Extension Manager…
  3. Go to the “Available” tab of the dialog that appears.
  4. Type “ionic code hinter” in the search box.
  5. Click the “Install” button in the search result for Ionic Code Hinter.

Let me know if you have any issues or comments. Happy coding!

Multidevice Prototyping with Ratchet


My third title has been released! This time I am presenting on “Multidevice Prototyping with Ratchet“. Here is the course description:

Learn how to prototype apps that look and act just like native iOS and Android apps, with the simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components included in the Ratchet prototyping framework.

If you are wondering what Ratchet is, it is mobile framework from the folks who brought you Bootstrap. :) If you are a subscriber, please check it out. If you are not, sign up for the free trial.


Adobe AIR to support upcoming iOS x64 requirement

Adobe AIR

Starting February 1st 2015, Apple will be requiring all new iOS applications submitted to the App Store to include support for 64-bit.  The Flash Runtime team is committed to supporting our AIR developers and end users.  Our team recognizes that platform compatibility is crucial to our customers, and supporting new OS versions and requirements are a top priority.

We’re hard at work adding iOS 64-bit compatibility to AIR in an upcoming beta which we look forward to making available in December 2014.

Both AIR and Flash Player have very active public beta programs, with updates made on almost a weekly basis.  We encourage all developers to participate and provide feedback to Adobe.  Updates, release notes and additional information can be found on Adobe Labs.

Building Mobile Apps with the PhoneGap Command-Line Interface

Building Mobile Apps with the PhoneGap Command-Line Interface

My latest title on has been released! It is Building Mobile Apps with the PhoneGap Command-Line Interface. Here is the description of the course:

PhoneGap’s command-line interface is a great way to build mobile apps, whether you want to use it to initialize new projects or take apps all the way through testing. In this course Chris Griffith offers a thorough overview of building, emulating, and deploying Android and iOS apps with this powerful tool. He’ll show you how to configure your development environment, and create brand-new projects with the PhoneGap CLI as well as the Apache Cordova CLI (the framework PhoneGap is built on). Then he’ll demonstrate how to test your app, customize and extend the platform to suit your workflow, and compile your app with PhoneGap Developer or PhoneGap Build. Start watching and learn how to kick-start your apps from the command line now with the PhoneGap CLI.

It was a lot of fun recording this title. Hope you enjoy it!