Here are some books and articles that I have had published:

Electron: From Beginner to Pro


Mobile App Development with Ionic


Up and running with Modernizr


Introduction to Topcoat


Introducing Edge Reflow Preview


The Cost of a Touch


Developers, UX Is Your Business Too!


  1. Hi Chris,

    Just purchased a copy of your “Mobile App Development with Ionic 2”.

    While working my way through the book, I have noticed a few minor issues and left feedback on the errata page.


    1. Thanks. Ionic changed a lot right at the end of the publishing cycle. We tried to catch everything before going to print, but some stuff was bound to sneak past. Hoping you are liking the book so far. If you care to, please leave a review. – Chris

  2. Hi, i am a newby with ionic and study your ebook “Mobil App Development with IONIC”. If i find error’s in the description can I post it here ? For example: Page 122 (Loading Data….) –> “This command will create a new directory named services, …” It doesn’t create a subdirectory. The files in the app directory.

    But I am very pleased about your ebook.

    regards Matthias

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