ConfigGAP updated

ConfiGAPOne of the challenges with a utility like ConfiGAP, is the variety of directory structures each project could have. You try to plan and test for what you think are the ‘probable’ structures, but you never know. I have been working on some improvements to the reading and writing sections of the app. One thing you have to remember is that the config.xml file needs to be included in the same directory as the index.html file when the entire package is zipped up and sent to the PhoneGap Build servers.

When loading a saved config.xml file, the application will scan for an index.html file. If one is not found, it will report an error. All the referenced assets need to based on the directory that the index.html file is located.

Another change I made was I dropped support for 1.9 and lower as a PhoneGap version. The PhoneGap Build team made the announcement that due so some new requirements from Apple, they decided to drop the older support.

I am starting work on adding the user interface to add in access elements. I hope to have this done shortly.

Thanks again to all that have downloaded and used ConfiGAP, and to those who have let me know of issues and suggestions. Keep ’em coming!


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