My FlashTent Presentation Now Online

My presentation on Developing AIR for Mobile with Flash Professional CS5.5, given at the recent FlashTent event, is now available for viewing. If you are just getting into mobile development, this talk will give you a nice overview of developing with AIR for mobile. I also spent some time talking about some general mobile development guidelines. Here is the talk description:

New to mobile development? Wondering how mobile applications are built? This presentation will walk you the entire development process of the AIR for mobile application from design to deployment.


  • Desktop vs. Mobile
  • Ergonomics
  • AIR
  • AIR Application setup Android/iOS
  • AIR Code Samples
  • New Features
  • Hitting walls aka limitations
  • Publishing iOS/Android
  • Best practices

I hope find this presentation useful, if you are interested in learning more about mobile development, I will be speaking on Choosing the Right Mobile Development Platform at this year’s 360 Flex Conference.

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