Speaking at 360|Flex 2012!

360 Flex ConferenceI am deeply honored to again be speaking at 360 Flex! This year I am presenting “Choosing the Right Mobile Development Platform”. This session is going to take a look at several of the major mobile application platforms and try to give you an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. The current platforms that I will explore are: the mobile web (aka HTML5), jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator, Flash or Flex (can’t decide here, please leave me a comment as to your preference), and Sencha Touch. I know I am leaving off some options, namely Corona, but I feel these are the principle players in the application space. If I were talking about game development, then Corona and Unity would be included.

For those who have heard some of my mobile presentations, I am creating a brand new application just for this talk, so no demo’s of my conference applications ;).

I am really looking forward to this conference and giving this talk. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I’d really love to see the talk and Flex 4.5+ would be my preference. I have been dealing with the whole “mobile dev. platform choice” issue for a while now. I’ve basically decided to go with Flash Builder because it’s familiar to me and I really love ActionScript 3.0. The AIR runtime is my only concern. It’s kinda big for mobile. It’s actually the biggest thing on my phone. =/

    Titanium sounds good, but doesn’t support iOS on PC and I’m not buying a Mac. I also tried setting it up ~November 2011, but after various problems I gave up after two days for fear I’d brick my computer — *not* a user friendly installation process.

    I stumbled on PhoneGap while working on a web application and haven’t looked back into it yet.

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