Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.6

You might be aware that a new version of Flash Builder 4.6 was recently released. Along with that release, Adobe also released Flex SDK 4.6. Unfortunately, Flash Catalyst projects are not compatible with the new SDK.

Flash Catalyst Project error in Flash Builder 4.6

The reason for this error is that Flash Builder 4.6 does not come with Flex SDK 4.5 installed. You can manually install this SDK, and you should not have any issues.

If you would like to convert your project to use Flex SDK 4.6, there are a few steps you need to perform. The first is to disable the Automatic Check Compatibility function. Note: You can not do this in the Project Properties panel, it must be done via the menu.

Flash Catalyst Compatibility Checking

With the Flash Catalyst Checking disabled, bring up the Project Properties panel.

Project Flex SDK Properties

Change the SDK version to 4.6 from 4.5. Click OK. Your project will now compile under the new SDK. However, this means you will no longer be able to round-trip the project with Flash Catalyst.

Hope this quick post helps.


  1. In Applications/Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_1.5.0.308731/config.xml add in a reference to 4.6. You’ll need to copy 4.6 into the sdk directory. When you publish it will publish with the 4.6 SDK. Still haven’t figured out how to add new components to the components panel or change the theme (mobile) (or add new Interactions…) You can export this project and import it into FB. Going the opposite way is a bit more trouble. You’ll get an error about the supported SDK’s. You may need to update the hidden project files to “4.5” instead of “4.6” which may allow you to import it again… There’s more you can update… search for plugin.xml in the plugins directory.

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