360 Flex is coming!!

360 Flex Conference360|Flex 2012 is just around the corner! I, like many of my friends are wrapping up our presentations. I am honored to be presenting again at one of the best tech conferences I have attended. It is no surprise that I am talking about mobile, it is was a do for a living. But the mobile space is a rapidly evolving one, with lots of technical choices that have to be made before you create the next “killer” app. I am going to share my thoughts  on several of the major mobile development technologies during my talk on Monday.

For the talk I have building the same app with 5 different solutions (jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Flex Mobile, and Sencha Touch). It has been crazy process (and I am not done with them yet). But, it has given me a lot of insight into the strength and weakness of each solution. One nice thing, 4 of the solutions will have representatives at the 360Flex, so if I get something wrong I am sure they will tell me. But, you want to know more about a specific solution, this would be the time to do so.

Hope to see there!


Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.6

You might be aware that a new version of Flash Builder 4.6 was recently released. Along with that release, Adobe also released Flex SDK 4.6. Unfortunately, Flash Catalyst projects are not compatible with the new SDK.

Flash Catalyst Project error in Flash Builder 4.6

The reason for this error is that Flash Builder 4.6 does not come with Flex SDK 4.5 installed. You can manually install this SDK, and you should not have any issues.

If you would like to convert your project to use Flex SDK 4.6, there are a few steps you need to perform. The first is to disable the Automatic Check Compatibility function. Note: You can not do this in the Project Properties panel, it must be done via the menu.

Flash Catalyst Compatibility Checking

With the Flash Catalyst Checking disabled, bring up the Project Properties panel.

Project Flex SDK Properties

Change the SDK version to 4.6 from 4.5. Click OK. Your project will now compile under the new SDK. However, this means you will no longer be able to round-trip the project with Flash Catalyst.

Hope this quick post helps.

Adobe MAX

Adobe MAXI am honored to be speaking on “What’s New in Flash Catalyst CS5.5” at this year’s Adobe MAX conference. Flash Catalyst has gained a lot of key features with this latest release. If you are involved with developing Flex based applications, you should attend this session and learn how Flash Catalyst can aid your workflow. Here is the official session description:

Learn how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to create rich, engaging prototypes and application interfaces. This session will introduce you to features in Flash Catalyst CS5.5 that enable your team to build compelling, Flex-based projects. It will cover the concepts and workflow involved in using Flash Catalyst and show you how to use Flash Catalyst to enhance static designs created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and easily integrate with Adobe Flash Builder. Even if you’ve used Flash Catalyst before, you’ll want to attend this session to discover the many new features offered in the latest version.

So wrap up your MAX conference by attending my session, you never know, I might have a few give aways…

Flex on Mobile Live Q&A Chat Session Thursday, August 18th, 2011

If you are building apps with Flex for mobile devices or about to embark on this journey, you should check out the upcoming live Q&A online event for developers at http://flex.org/ask. There will be no slides, no demos nor any speaking. It’s a very informal, pure Q&A using the Q&A pod and a chat pod in Adobe Connect.

Adobe has never tried an online event quite like this, but we’re excited to try. Come check it out on Thursday, August 18th from 9am to 10:30am PDT (GMT-7).

Canceled: AdobeCamp San Diego!



Due to issues beyond our control, we had to cancel this event. We hope to reschedule it later this year.

San Diego AdobeCamp
The San Diego Flash User Group, the San Diego Adobe Developer User Group and the San Diego Photoshop User Group are hosting a 4 hour deep dive into Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5!

Join us at the Adobe Camp where we will share with you how Adobe Creative Suite tools have evolved to dramatically enhance your workflow and keep your skills fresh. You’ll learn how to work faster and stay ahead of the latest trends, especially the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and the vast array of screen sizes.

Tickets available now!


Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (PT)


Art Instute of San Diego
7650 Mission Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92108

You will discover how to:

Design and develop rich browser-based content for desktops or devices with the leading HTML5 authoring tools.
Develop rich interactive applications for Android, Blackberry, and iOS with Adobe AIR, Flash Professional and Flash Builder.
Learn about the new iPad applications available for Photoshop


Welcome & Overview – 10 minutes
Flash Professional – 30 minutes
Dreamweaver – 30 minutes
PhotoShop – 30 minutes
Flash Catalyst – 30 minutes
Flash Builder – 30 minutes
CF Builder – 15 minutes
Community Showcase – 30 minutes
Wrapup and Prizes – 10 minutes
(lunch is included)


Chris Griffith – Adobe Community Professional / Manager San Diego Flash User Group
James Polanco – Founding Partner / Web Application Architect at DevelopmentArc
Stephen M. Burns – Manager San Diego Photoshop User Group
Darius Fattahipour – Manager Adobe Developer User Group
Demian Borba – Adobe Community Champion / CEO at Action Creations

We are capping attendance to 50 campers, so get your tickets now. Tickets are $20, which includes lunch and raffle entry. The raffle prize will be a copy of an Adobe Creative Suite (sorry, no Master Collection).

RIA Radio, Live at Adobe MAX – Day 1 Keynote

RIA Radio Logo

I was honored to be a guest on RIA Radio during the recent Adobe MAX show. I joined the hosts, Garth BraithwaiteLeif Wells and  Zach Stepek, along with fellow guest Kevin Schmidt. We discussed the announcements from the Day 1 keynote (Flash for the iPhone, Flash 10.1 on mobile, TVs, and netbooks.)  Throughout the entire show, they sat down with a lot of cool folks, so take a listen.

RIA Radio

Listen to this podcast ( mp3). You can also subscribe to the RIA Radio Podcast in iTunes.

Kevin Schmidt to discuss the big MAX announcements and give our take on what they mean. Topics covered include: Flash for the iPhone, Flash 10.1 on mobile, TVs, and netbooks.
Experts: Leif Wells and  Zach Stepek
Listen to this week’s podcast ( mp3). You can also subscribe to the RIA Radio Podcast in iTunes.
Read more from Garth Braithwaite.