Responsive Web Design

Getting Started with Responsive Web Design


Join Adobe for their second Lunchtime Studios session where Terry Ryan will teach you the basics of Responsive Web Design and introduce you to Edge Reflow. Getting websites to work on mobile devices continues to be a challenge and one method of tackling this problem is Responsive Web Design (creating a site that changes the way it appears across many screen sizes). With Edge Reflow, designing responsive sites is much less painful.

What: Getting Started with Responsive Web Design and Edge Reflow

Where: Streamed live from Adobe’s San Jose office- view the live session online here (enter as guest to join).

When: Wednesday June 11th, 12PM-1PM PT

Who: Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan is a Developer Evangelist for Adobe and helps people using Adobe technologies to be successful. He has a passion for web and mobile technologies including expertise in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Previous to his employment at Adobe, he spent a decade working in various technical roles at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Terry is also the author of Driving Technical Change, about convincing reluctant co-workers to adopt new tools and ideas. – @tpryan

Edge Reflow Updated!

reflow-logoBack in February, Edge Reflow Preview, a design tool that enables web designers to create responsive layouts was released. An update to Edge Reflow has been released to include some of these requests, focusing specifically on a few key areas:

  1. Improved Layout Capabilities: now you will be able to leverage absolute and fixed positioning, as well as their z-index
  2. More Powerful Styling Features: introducing inline text styling and an enhanced color picker allowing you to adjust the luminosity
  3. Performance & Stability: name your elements, a cleaner & more informative UI, and enhanced performance and stability

Download the latest update to Edge Reflow via the Creative Cloud and check the update. (via Edge Reflow Blog)