Adobe MAX Lab Update: #2

This additional lab is short one, but will add event listeners in the event the device loses or gains network access. PhoneGap has event listeners for a variety of device events such as:

  • deviceready
  • pause
  • resume
  • online
  • offline
  • backbutton
  • batterycritical
  • batterylow
  • batterystatus
  • menubutton
  • searchbutton
  • startcallbutton
  • endcallbutton
  • volumedownbutton
  • volumeupbutton

We will add our event listeners within the device ready function to listen for both the change from being online to offline, as well as the reverse.

function onDeviceReady() {
   document.addEventListener("online", onOnline, false);
   document.addEventListener("offline", onOffline, false);

The two functions simply toggle the network state variable based on the network state.

function onOnline(event){
   isConnected = true;
function onOffline(event){
   isConnected = false;

If while using our application, we have a network status change, the application can properly respond to it. This may not seem like much, but defensive programming techniques can improve the overall user experience of your application. We all know that the best user experience will often win in a crowded marketplace.

The project files are available on my GitHub repo.

MAX session reviews

Thanks to all who took the time to submit session feedback for my three workshops at this year’s Adobe MAX. Overall, I am happy with the responses. There were some very nice comments from folks. Unfortunately, there were a few that did not have the best experience. To them, I am sorry. One of the challenges of this lab was trying to find a proper starting point to take you from a blank html document to a native app in 90 minutes. I wish I had more time to explore PhoneGap more, but alas we did not. To that end I am working on the follow on exercises that I promised. Another challenge with a lab like this is what is the audience’s background. For some it was too easy, for others too hard, but for most it was just right. I had hoped to get session feedback earlier (like years past), so maybe the Tuesday or Wednesday labs might have been tweaked, but no such luck.

To the one person who found the typo, sorry. I must have read over the lab a hundred times, and my brain just did not see it, nor did my reviewers.

But overall, I am pleased with the results of my workshop, and hopefully you are using the things you learned. If you have any questions on the workshop, feel free to ping me. And if you build something based on what you learns, please take a moment and share it!

Nerd Radio

nerd-radio-logoOne of the traditions I like to keep at Adobe MAX, is sitting down with the gang at Nerd Radio. This year I was again able to spend a few minutes talking with Garth and Leif about my workshops that I was doing at the conference, my latest side project (ConfiGAP), and hinted about a really cool project that I am working on for the day job. You can listen to my interview here. Make sure you take the time and listen all the great conversations they had throughout the entire conference.

Thanks again for having me on the podcast!

Creating Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build

Adobe MAX

Where the world’s creative minds collide.

At this year’s Adobe MAX, I taught three workshops on Creating Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build. It was a lot of fun, and hopeful worthwhile for those who attended. As promised here are the files: the workbook, the slides, and the resources. Even if you did not attend, maybe the workbook and lab files might prove useful.

I will be posting enhancements to these files over the coming weeks to cover a few advanced features that I knew I would not be able to cover in the 90 minutes.

Adobe MAX is coming fast!

Adobe MAX

I have been selected to speak at Adobe MAX again. However, this time I am giving a 90 minute workshop entitled “Creating Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build“. In fact the response has been so good, they had to add a third session on Wednesday afternoon! If you are attending and wanted to take this workshop, maybe it can now work into your schedule.

I have had a lot of fun developing the course content. If all goes well, attendees will go from a blank html document to a working mobile application in 90 minutes! I have some great TAs, so if even you hit a snag, these fine folks will be able to get you back on track. It should be a fun workshop, and I hope that you can attend. If you are not sure about coming to AdobeMAX, there is a discount code available for $300. Leave me a comment and I will send it to you.


My jQuery Mobile & PhoneGap Build sa

Adobe MAXJust found out that a third session of my workshop “Creating Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build” has been added to the schedule at this year’s Adobe MAX! This session will be held on Wednesday at 4pm.

Hope to see you there.

Here is the details on the workshop:

Discover how jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap Build, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, make for a powerful combination when creating mobile applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This session will show how to make the most of these tools when using them together in mobile development. This workshop will cover:

  • The basics of developing a PhoneGap application based on jQuery Mobile
  • How to use the jQuery Mobile framework to write a mobile web app that works on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms
  • How to customize the application using Adobe Fireworks
  • How to make an application more flexible by using a templating system
  • Taking the application native by using PhoneGap Build and enabling device-specific features

Speaking at Adobe MAX 2013!

Adobe MAX

Well, I am happy to announce that I will be again presenting at Adobe MAX! This will make my third time. I am trying something new this time, I am leading two workshops on using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build. These workshops are designed to introduce the key core concepts of these technologies to new users. I know it is still months away, but I am already hard at work creating what I hope is an informative and engaging workshop.

You can register for the conference at:

I hope to see you there!

2011 MAX award voting now open!

The 2011 MAX Award voting is now open. You might notice a familiar name in the Disruptive Design category! That’s right, DevelopmentArc’s Maque application has been nominated. For those how did not see the demo, Maque is a unique testing environment for developers to create, test, and maintain web-enabled applications across a variety of channels and devices. Maque was built using Adobe Creative Suite software and the Adobe Flash Platform.

Take a brief moment and show our fellow user group member some love, by voting at: Voting is now open and will close on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 12:00 NOON Pacific time. Voting is limited to one vote per email address per entry. Category winners will be announced live at MAX during the Awards ceremony the evening of October 4th.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Adobe MAX

Adobe MAXI am honored to be speaking on “What’s New in Flash Catalyst CS5.5” at this year’s Adobe MAX conference. Flash Catalyst has gained a lot of key features with this latest release. If you are involved with developing Flex based applications, you should attend this session and learn how Flash Catalyst can aid your workflow. Here is the official session description:

Learn how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to create rich, engaging prototypes and application interfaces. This session will introduce you to features in Flash Catalyst CS5.5 that enable your team to build compelling, Flex-based projects. It will cover the concepts and workflow involved in using Flash Catalyst and show you how to use Flash Catalyst to enhance static designs created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and easily integrate with Adobe Flash Builder. Even if you’ve used Flash Catalyst before, you’ll want to attend this session to discover the many new features offered in the latest version.

So wrap up your MAX conference by attending my session, you never know, I might have a few give aways…