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mobileMAX: Your MAX, Your Schedule, Your Mobile

After many late nights of coding, I am pleased to release my mobileMAX application. This mobile app will allow you to quickly view the conference schedule for not only the official Adobe sessions but all four of the unConferences. Additionally, you will be able to view the schedule of your chosen sessions (assuming you got the MAX scheduler to behave).

Home Screen for the Flash Lite version

Home Screen for the Flash Lite version

iPhone Session Listing

iPhone Session Listing

There are four versions available; a Flash Lite 3.1 version (using the Adobe Mobile Packager), a Windows Mobile version (also using AMP), a Flash Lite 2.1 version, and yes an iPhone web version.

To get started, go to http://nuclearpathways.org/clients/max/ (I work on several sites related to the history of the Atomic Age and decided to just use one of those servers for the project). Once you have made an account, log back in to the Adobe MAX scheduler and copy the webcal URL for your schedule. Paste that into the web application and let it process your schedule. Once that is done you can download the mobileMAX app for your device. You don’t need do this, but the app becomes more useful if you do.

For the iPhone version, I created a custom web app. After opening the URL in Safari, click the “Add to Homescreen” button to create a shortcut.

It has been a blast building this and I hope the community finds it helpful. See you at MAX!

Flash Mobile News

Mark Doherty introduced Flash Lite 4 at FTIC Mobile 2009. Flash Lite 4.0 will support ActionScript 3 and will be a browser plugin – not a standalone player – dedicated for slower, less powerful and memory-constraint devices.

Flash Player 10 will be as well a browser plugin but dedicated for more powerful devices, possibly with hardware graphics acceleration.

Mark also shown Device Central 3 which will support some hardware emulations such as accelerometer and geolocation.

Forum Nokia posted a set of Flash Lite Compontents 2.0.

“This updated resource file includes ten Flash Lite components; Button component, Calendar component, Checkbox component, Contacts component, List component, Media data component, Messaging component, Pop-up component, Radiobutton component, and Scrollbar component. Calendar, Checkbox, Messaging, and Radiobutton components are new in Flash Lite Components v2.0. The components can be used to develop applications to devices supporting Flash Lite 2.0 (and above). The developing environment requirements are Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4. The resource is closely related to Guide to Flash Lite Components. Please give feedback on the components through the Flash Lite Discussion Board.”

I won a Chumby!!

Recently the authors held a contest to win a Chumby. As luck would have it, I won. As part of the conditions, you had to submit a photo of you and their new book.


I am about halfway through it (that darn work keeps getting in the way), and it is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the development of mobile Flash. You can learn more about the book, as well as get updates from the book’s website (http://advanced.flashmobilebook.com/) or you can also follow them on Twitter (@flashondevices)

AdvancED Flash on Devices: Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10

By Elad ElromScott JanousekThomas Joos

Sony Ericsson release Flash UI Components in AS2

A few days ago the team at Sony Ericsson released their first set of UI components for the Flash Player on mobile devices.  Written in AS2 and fully integrated with Adobe Flash Professional CS4.

Each of the controls are fully customizable use the Component inspector, enabling you to change the look and feel for your applications.  Everything from background colors to text values and icons are supported across the components, it’s ridiculously easy to make them fit with your apps look and feel.

The beta set includes 8 new components ready for you to use:

  • Checkbox
  • List – Single Row with Icon
  • List – Two Rows with Icon
  • Progress Indicator
  • Push Button
  • Radio Button
  • Softkey Bar
  • Wait Indicator

Once you’ve downloaded the MXP file here, you can install the components by simply double clicking on the file.  The Adobe Extension Manager will install the files and add them to the Components Panel in Flash Professional, you can open it using the Window Menu within the tool.

Adobe CEO talks about Flash and new technologies on FT.com

via Andrew Shorten

There is a three part video interview with Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, up on FT.com today as part of their “View from the Top” series, in which they talk to CEOs about news and trends within their respective industry.

In Part 2 of the interview, the conversation is focused on the adoption of Flash on mobile phones and the competition between Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, as well as Adobe’s strategy for getting new technology adopted as a standard and cloud computing. There is some interesting discussion about Adobe’s relationship with Apple and Google.

Introductory Flash Lite eSeminars

Adobe APAC is holding a series of “Introductory Flash Lite eSeminars” with Dale Rankine as speaker.

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming eSeminars:

  • June 25th – Flash Lite and the Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) platform (recording here – http://pacific.adobe.acrobat.com/p60815573/ )
  • July 9th – Adobe Flash Lite Widgets for the Chumby
  • July 23rd – Reactive Mobile Content with Adobe Flash Lite
  • Aug 6th – Persistent Data in Adobe Flash Lite
  • Aug 20 – Tips and Tricks for Effective Adobe Flash Lite development

Each of the sessions can be accessed by visiting (
http://pacific.adobe.acrobat.com/mobile ), and start at 2pm (AEST – +10 GMT).