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Farewell to the Edge…

Adobe Edge Preview

Adobe announced today that it was ending their Edge Tools and Services experiment. I use the term experiment, as these products were built as part of a transition period for Adobe, shifting away from the Flash Platform toward a web platform stack. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the early development of many of these tools (as an Adobe Community Professional), but their usefulness as stand-alone elements was always troublesome.

For example, there was never a simple workflow to take your Edge Reflow work into a larger web project. Nor was it easy to fully interact with Edge Inspect from your system and devices.

But these experiments did lead to some tangible enhancements in Adobe’s main product lines. The responsive media query tool in Dreamweaver CC is a direct result of the groundwork laid by Reflow. The device preview features in PhotoShop and Illustrator are based in part on Edge Inspect.

But the mother of the Edge Tools and Services was Edge Animate (for those who remember, it was just Edge at first). EA was a interesting tool, focusing on animating the DOM rather than just painting to the HTML canvas. The timeline explored new ideas for animation control. Part of its appeal was that it was not Flash, which carried a dreaded (and partially unwarranted) stigma for many. But like all technologies, the web and its tools evolve. Although you could create some incredibly rich and interactive animations, EA never seemed to fit in. That Flash Professional app kept evolving as well, supporting more formats as publishing options (Canvas, WebGL, OAM). Take a look at last year’s Adobe MAX conference, and you can see that Flash’s animation roots were still strong and growing (judging by the number of sessions).

I have given several web animation talks, and could never quite explain how both tools fit under the Adobe umbrella. With today’s announcement, I will no longer be faced with that issue. Edge Animate’s development has been ended. It is still available as part of your CC subscription (heck, Fireworks is still there!), so you can continue to use it on your projects. However, as the web evolves with new browsers, standards, and libraries, EA will not be updated.

In its place, we can turn to Animate, the renamed Flash Professional. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Flash has really returned to its roots as a first class animation tool and is now reborn.

Now, designers can use a tool that they are all probably comfortable with, without worrying about backlash from managers or clients who didn’t understand that the tool was more than just a SWF creator.

I am looking forward to exploring Flash’s Animate’s new future as part of my design toolkit. To all those at Adobe who worked on these products, thanks for the efforts and experiments.


Edge Reflow (Preview 7) Released


Adobe just released Preview 7 of Edge Reflow! There are some really nice improvements in this version. Here are some of the hilights:

New Starter Experience

There are now 11 short tutorial videos (done by Paul Trani) to walk you through each step in creating a responsive design in Reflow.

Form Elements

You can now add forms to your design with the new Form Elements, including buttons, select drop-downs, text inputs, check-boxes and radio buttons.


Reflow now can create links across multiple pages to show navigation.

Insertion & Groups

The team has introduces a more intuitively way to move objects in the layout with the new insertion caret. Also, working with groups (command/ctrl G) and elements within groups is now much easier and more intuitive

Adobe CreateNow Camp Orange Country!

Had a wonderful time presenting at Adobe CreateNow Camp Orange Country. They certainly know how to run an event!

It was a pleasure talking with so many of the attendees about the various Edge Tools. As promised here is the presentation that I gave:


If you have any questions on any the tools and services, please ping me. Also if you want to know more about the mobile schedule site I wrote, ask way…

Here are the urls that I used as well:

Edge Animate


Edge Reflow




Adobe CreateNow Camp – Orange County

Adobe CreateNow Camp | June 1, 2013, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Anaheim

Come hear the latest about Creative Cloud and new features in some of your favorite, or soon-to-be favorite, software applications!
They’ve pulled out all the stops to gather a great group of speakers for you!

They will have a morning keynote from Colin Smith of photoshopcafe.com, and then an afternoon of two concurrent sessions packed with information. Detailed schedule on Eventbrite! I will be presenting on the Edge Tools and Services. Come learn about Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Edge Inspect, and more!

Lunch is included, parking is free, raffle prizes too! Including one 12-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud!

You won’t want to miss this special Orange County Adobe Community Meet-up!

Edge Reflow Updated!

reflow-logoBack in February, Edge Reflow Preview, a design tool that enables web designers to create responsive layouts was released. An update to Edge Reflow has been released to include some of these requests, focusing specifically on a few key areas:

  1. Improved Layout Capabilities: now you will be able to leverage absolute and fixed positioning, as well as their z-index
  2. More Powerful Styling Features: introducing inline text styling and an enhanced color picker allowing you to adjust the luminosity
  3. Performance & Stability: name your elements, a cleaner & more informative UI, and enhanced performance and stability

Download the latest update to Edge Reflow via the Creative Cloud and check the update. (via Edge Reflow Blog)

Adobe Developer Connection Articles


I recently had the good fortune to write two articles for the Adobe Developer Connection. The first article was on the just released Edge Reflow Preview. Edge Reflow is a new application designed to aid designers and developers in creating responsive web sites. I was a humbled to see that it is the featured article on the site.

The other article I wrote was Up and Running with Modernizr. (Yes, I picked the name as a nod to all my good friends at lynda.com 😉 ). Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.

I had a lot of fun writing both articles, and had great support from the ADC staff (Brian & Julee) during the process!

Introducing Adobe Edge Reflow!

reflow-logoAdobe is proud to introduce the public preview of Adobe Edge Reflow! Reflow is a design tool that enables designers to create beautiful and responsive websites, built specifically to supplement the workflow of today’s web designers.

Key benefits are:

  • Generate Responsive Layouts: With an intuitive UI and visual workspace, designers can easily create responsive layout. In addition, visual media query breakpoints allow users to visualize their designs for different screen sizes.
  • CSS3 Styling: Reflow offer the features available via the latest CSS3 specs, allowing designers to create high-fidelity designs. Built on a native web surface, Reflow also provide designers the confidence that their vision will be realized.
  • Sharing & Previewing: Designers can either preview their work in the browser or on devices – in real time – via an integrated workflow with Edge Inspect. The CSS code can also be easily extracted for development use.

If you like to learn more about Edge Reflow, I have written an article on the Adobe Developer Connection.