FITC Unconference

I have the pleasure of speaking at the FITC Unconference again this year. The title of my talk is “Prototyping Mobile Applications with Flash Professional“.

As more clients want mobile applications, designers are faced with the challenge of designing and prototyping for a range of platforms and devices. By leveraging the capabilities in Flash Professional, you can quickly explore your user interfaces on device, allowing you to create better mobile experiences.

The presentation is on Tuesday Oct 4th @ 2:00 to 2:30 in the main exhibit area. Stop by grab a beer (kindly supplied by On3 Solutions), learn about building prototypes.

Make sure you check out the other awesome sessions!

I hope to see you there!

FlashCamp St. Louis

A bunch of my Midwest based friends recently hosted a Flash Camp in St. Louis. I decided to leverage some of the new functionality of my Conference Builder app that I am developing.

Export Options

In addition to the data management that app handles for the conference, it can also produce a jQuery Mobile (JQM) conference ‘app’.

Flash Camp St. Louis Conference App

I think it turned out nicely, and I hear the Flash Camp was a success!

Latest Project: NASA!

This week NASA is holding its annual IT Summit and I was asked if I would assist in creating a mobile conference application for them. Being a space geek, how could I say no? This web application was developed with a suite of Adobe-based solutions. The majority of the development was actually done with a custom AIR application I have been developing to assist in the creation of my conference app solutions. Built using Flex, this application allows me to manage the sessions, speakers and sponsors for a conference. Originally built to create the data updates for the iOS based applications, the tool has been evolving to allow me more functionality.

Conference Builder Interface

One new area of functionality, is the ability to export the conference data as a mobile web version. Once, I had an application not be approved in time for the conference. Earlier versions of the export module published the content using the iUi framework, later versions used jQTouch. Starting with the Designer/Developer Workflow conference, I converted the module to use jQuery Mobile as the framework of choice.

Now since JQM is still in beta, some care and testing was required to work out a few of the kinks. With a few pointers from my friends, I had a the export module up and running. Most notable was the change in beta 2 of JQM of how the on-screen back button functions. In beta 2, you now had to tell the framework that you want an on-screen back button. Ah, such is the life of a mobile app developer.

Since I had not finished my Map module (I am still not done with it) in my conference builder application, I had to hand code the section to include the session room maps. Not ideal, but it got the job done.

Once I exported the html, I opened the file in Dreamweaver CS5.5, and performed some minor clean-up. With the new mobile features in CS5.5, I could easily preview it for a variety of mobile devices. Normally I don’t spend a lot of time with Dreamweaver ( I am usually switching between Flash Professional, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst), so it was nice to put it’s new mobile features through their paces. I had hoped that we would be able take the web app and use PhoneGap to create native applications. Unfortunately, the NASA team did not have the time.

Iin the end I think I was able to create something useful for the conference attendees.

Home Screen

I want to thank Kevin Schmidt from Adobe who helped sync up this effort with the folks over at NASA.

Canceled: AdobeCamp San Diego!



Due to issues beyond our control, we had to cancel this event. We hope to reschedule it later this year.

San Diego AdobeCamp
The San Diego Flash User Group, the San Diego Adobe Developer User Group and the San Diego Photoshop User Group are hosting a 4 hour deep dive into Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5!

Join us at the Adobe Camp where we will share with you how Adobe Creative Suite tools have evolved to dramatically enhance your workflow and keep your skills fresh. You’ll learn how to work faster and stay ahead of the latest trends, especially the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and the vast array of screen sizes.

Tickets available now!


Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (PT)


Art Instute of San Diego
7650 Mission Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92108

You will discover how to:

Design and develop rich browser-based content for desktops or devices with the leading HTML5 authoring tools.
Develop rich interactive applications for Android, Blackberry, and iOS with Adobe AIR, Flash Professional and Flash Builder.
Learn about the new iPad applications available for Photoshop


Welcome & Overview – 10 minutes
Flash Professional – 30 minutes
Dreamweaver – 30 minutes
PhotoShop – 30 minutes
Flash Catalyst – 30 minutes
Flash Builder – 30 minutes
CF Builder – 15 minutes
Community Showcase – 30 minutes
Wrapup and Prizes – 10 minutes
(lunch is included)


Chris Griffith – Adobe Community Professional / Manager San Diego Flash User Group
James Polanco – Founding Partner / Web Application Architect at DevelopmentArc
Stephen M. Burns – Manager San Diego Photoshop User Group
Darius Fattahipour – Manager Adobe Developer User Group
Demian Borba – Adobe Community Champion / CEO at Action Creations

We are capping attendance to 50 campers, so get your tickets now. Tickets are $20, which includes lunch and raffle entry. The raffle prize will be a copy of an Adobe Creative Suite (sorry, no Master Collection).

Designing Great Mobile Apps

I had the extreme pleasure of speaking at the recent 360|Flex Denver conference. The conference was incredibly well done, John, Nicole, and their assistants did a fantastic job!

Besides working on the mobile apps for the show ( we are still trying to figure out the session survey upload issues), I presented on “Designing Great Mobile Apps” on Tuesday afternoon. I had a lot of fun giving the presentation, even with two Adobe evangelists and one Adobe product manager in attendance (and the great Dee Sadler as well)…

I hope these slides are useful, the session was recorded by the folks at ZaaLabs, so I will let you know when it is ready. Please feel free to ping with questions or comments.

Now go build something!


If you are interested in some resources on mobile design I would also suggest they following books:

360|Flex 2011 mobile apps

360 Flex 2011 DenverThe annual 360|Flex conference is right around the corner, and we have your mobile conference apps ready to go! You will have easy access to the full schedule, speaker bio, the ability to submit session surveys, and more.

For the iPhone users you can download the free app from the App Store.

For the Android users you can download the free app from the Android Market.

Note: But there is a small bug that snuck into to the iOS app :(. I introduced a issue around data updates. With the long approval processes, there is no solution for a rapid fix. The app will properly update for the first time, but if there are more updates, you will need to delete the app, then reload it. I am hoping we don’t have any more changes between now and the end of the show. If James Talbot is listed in the speaker list, you have the latest information. Sorry about that.

360|Flex Session Change

Some of you might have noticed that my session topic at the upcoming 360|Flex conference has changed. I initially had to planned to talk about the new features and capabilities in Flash Catalyst, like I had done in my recent Ask A CS Pro session.  But the team at Adobe has decided to bring Jacob Surber, Product Manager for Flash Catalyst, and Peter Flynn, an engineer on Flash Catalyst out to Denver to introduce the latest features and capabilities. Trust me, you will want to attend their lunch session on Tuesday. 😉

After several conversation with John and Jacob, we decided that having two “Intro” level talks on Flash Catalyst did not make sense. So, back to the drawing board. As you might know I am also a mobile app developer, so instead I am going to presenting on Designing Great Mobile Applications. This talk is going to cover a lot of mobile UX principles, common design patterns and general observations form the trenches.

I hope to see you there!


Developing AIR for Android using Flash CS5

My slides from my presentation at the FiTC unconference are now online. I plan to do a screencast of the presentation since unlike the MAX conference, these session are not recorded.

I would like to thank all those who attended and hope the session was enjoyable and informative!

If you like to download the application, you can search for it on the Android Market, or scan in this QR Code with your Android phone:

Adobe MAX session online!

My session, Creating Compelling Mobile User Experiences, is now available for viewing on The session focused on introducing prototyping into your mobile development and how it can help your design and development process. I also went into some of the common issues the people encounter as they transition from developing for the desktop to mobile.

Here is the session description from conference:

Explore the role of prototyping in designing and developing compelling mobile applications. We’ll examine the forms that prototypes can take (from paper prototypes to rich, interactive simulations), their advantages and costs, and how Adobe tools can be used to create them. Then we’ll walk through creating a user interface for a mobile application using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Builder. This presentation also covers best practices for UX, as well as developer-focused tips and tricks.

The slides are supposed to with the recording, but I have uploaded them to I had a blast presenting it!

Speaking at Adobe MAX!

I have been accepted to speak at this year’s Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. The session is titled “Creating Compelling Mobile User Experiences: What You Need to Know” on Monday afternoon at 5pm. I did not blog about the session earlier because the session filled up. Well, the powers that be moved the session to a larger room, so there are now seats available!

The talk is going to focus on how to use prototyping as part of your workflow to help discover issues when developing mobile applications. I will be giving examples of how prototyping resolved various design challenges when creating mobile apps.

I hope it will be an informative session. The session will be recorded and on Adobe TV sometime after the show. I will post that information once I know.

On Tuesday, I will be presenting at the FiTC unconference about the process of creating the Adobe MAX unconference application. This will be a more code level type of talk. Hope to see you there! If you have an Android device (running Froyo), you can down the app from the Android Market.