Ionic Community

The Ionic team recently updated their website to highlight various aspects of the world-wide community. As part of that, they have highlighted various individuals as ‘Ionic Leaders’. I am honored and humbled to be among some great company.

Anyone who follows me knows my passion for mobile development, and in particular Ionic. I don’t recall when I discovered the Ionic Framework, but I do recall seeing that it was built atop Apache Cordova and AngularJS. I had just finished recording two video courses on PhoneGap Build and Apache Cordova but knew very little about AngularJS. As a rule, I had tended to shy away from large frameworks due to the nature of prototype development. Not long after, I saw another component library that leveraged the same base technology stack. Thus, I made the commitment to begin learning AngularJS and the Ionic Framework. I quickly saw the power that these two frameworks offered and was sold on them as my solution.

Now, after all these years playing, building, and helping, I am so convinced that I made the right decision. I am looking forward to the new edition of Mobile App Development with Ionic, as well as, recording new lessons for

To Ionic and beyond!

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