Polymer code hinting


While watching the recent Google I/O videos, I was intrigued by the 1.0 release of the Polymer Project. I had been watching the effort for sometime, but never really exploring it too deeply. Given I know my way around the code hinter in Brackets, I thought why not make another one. The documentation is not a clean as one would expect from a company like Google, so if you find an issue, please let me know. I am not doing much active development in Polymer at the moment, so I can’t discover those issues like I have with other code hinters. Since Polymer is very extensible, I am thinking of a method for people to insert their custom mark up into their code hinter. This could be applied to some of the Angular code hinters as well.

You can download it directly from its GitHub repo (https://github.com/chrisgriffith/Polymer-Brackets-Extension), or install it via the Extension Manager within Brackets.


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