The Future of Flash…

FlashAppIconWith the release of Flash Professional CC 2014, the program has in many ways returned to its roots as a premiere animation and asset development tool. Let me take you back many years ago, the web was just text and mostly static images. But designers wanted to create a more expressive experience, from this Flash (then FutureSplash) was born.

For a long time, Flash served as the main solution to overcome the short comings of the web and the user experiences that so many of us wanted to create. Now the web platform has finally matured to the point where we can now create these experiences without Flash acting as a bridge for our visions. There is no doubt that the rich engaging things will use and build would not be possible without the content created by Flash.

But what about today? Most of the mobile devices sitting on my desk do not run Flash content in their browsers. But I still want to create engaging web content  that works on my mobile devices, as well as my desktop.

Some of the improvements for this release of Flash Professional CC 2014 is the abilities to publish your animation content into a variety of formats that are very mobile and standards friendly.

So now if I want to take my animation that I developed with all of the incredible animation tools with Flash Pro to play as a canvas based animation, it is not a problem. I can leverage the createjs framework (written by the incredible team a If want to just use Flash to create a sprite sheet for use in another animation framework, I can just as easily publish that as well.


Last but not least, if I want to have my animation leverage the power of WebGL, the latest release has an experimental version of publishing to that format as well.

If you are looking for a tool to help you animate something for web, I would take a fresh look at Flash. There are some great tutorial on these new features on the revised site.


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