ConfiGAP updated


Demoing software always seems to be one of the best ways to find a bug in your application. Recently I was demonstrating ConfiGAP, and stumbled across a bug that prevented you from switching between the platforms for the application icons. Sigh…

Verion 1.3.6 fixes this ‘issue’ and adds support for PhoneGap 3.2. Now, be aware that PhoneGap Build  3.2 is NOT supported  yet, but should be soon.

We are looking to add a lot of the new settings that are available to PhoneGap Build. The UI is mostly in place, it is the parsing and export code that is still being worked on.


  1. Hello, Mr Griffith,
    Thank you for making your application available to the public.
    I am anxiously awaiting support for phonegap v3.3.0.

    Your app makes life easier! Kudos.

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