ConfiGAP updated!


PhoneGap Build has just gotten an update, and we have been working on adding some of the new features into the latest version of ConfiGAP. Here is a breakdown of all the new features:


PhoneGap v3.0 Support!

Obviously this is the big one. You can learn about this release here.

Platform Specific Builds

PhoneGap Build now supports the ability to control which platforms you wish it to build for.

Custom Plug-ins

Since the list of third party plug-ins keeps growing (yeah!), we needed to find a solution for developers who are using this capability with their projects. ConfiGAP will now read and save the markup for any custom plugins that you may have added. There is no user interface for interacting with them at this time.

Core API Plug-ins

Another major change to PhoneGap was moving all the APIs to stand alone plug-ins. This allows for smaller and faster applications, as you no longer need to include any unwanted APIs into your application.

XXHDPI Icon support

We added support for this new icon size for Android.

iOS7 Icon support.

Support for these new icons sizes. PhoneGap Build does not yet support them at this time. Rumor has it that this will be added in v3.1.

What’s next?

The PhoneGap Build team has also enabled several other platform settings (, and we will be looking to add them in the next build.

You can download the application here.


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