ConfiGAP 1.2.4 released

ConfiGAPI released a new version of ConfiGAP 1.2.4 today. There are several changes made to the application. In watching one of my students try to use the application on an older laptop, I noticed that the Save button was not visible. This issue made the application unusable. I had two choices; either add Open/Save menu items or find a new spot for the Save button. I decided to do both.

There is now a Open and Save menu item available to you. I had originally had not plan to support native menus, since I hope to eventually transition this app from the desktop to an in browser app. But adding them was a fairly easy fix to apply.

Moving the Save button’s location proved to be a bit harder. I looked over each of the panels, the Splash Screens panel had too much content to allow the application’s vertical height to be reduced. So, I began exploring ideas on how to redesign this panel to allow this. Here is what the new screen looks like:

New Splash Screen Panel

This redesign now allows the application’s window to resized to a smaller size.

I also adjusted some of the options based on the changes with PhoneGap Build. The ChildBrowser Plugin is no longer used by PhoneGap 2.7 or later, so that plug in is now disabled. If you are still targeting older PhoneGap versions, you will be able use that plug in. Also, the Stay In Web view option for iOS is also disabled for newer versions of PhoneGap as well.

I expect I will have several more updates when PhoneGap Build begins to support PhoneGap 2.8. Stay tuned.


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