More ConfiGAP updates

ConfiGAPOne of the missing feature in my ConfiGAP utility was the ability to manage the access elements. For those who do not know what the access elements are, here is the definition from the documentation:

The access element provides your app with access to resources on other domains – in particular, it allows your app to load pages from external domains that can take over your entire webview.

Although I do not have the interface controls enabled for this feature, I do have in the place the code to properly read an existing config.xml file that  contains access elements, and the ability to then resave the file with that data still intact. So I releasing this version with this simple support in place. I hope to have the completed version done in about a week. Again, thanks to all that have used ConfiGAP and found it useful.

I also tweaked the Android SDK selections as well. The old design just had an SDK number. Pop quiz, Android SDK 12 is also known as ______? Right, I can’t tell you either. So, the list now shows the SDK number and the matching version number & naming (FroYo, Jelly Bean, etc).


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