MAX session reviews

Thanks to all who took the time to submit session feedback for my three workshops at this year’s Adobe MAX. Overall, I am happy with the responses. There were some very nice comments from folks. Unfortunately, there were a few that did not have the best experience. To them, I am sorry. One of the challenges of this lab was trying to find a proper starting point to take you from a blank html document to a native app in 90 minutes. I wish I had more time to explore PhoneGap more, but alas we did not. To that end I am working on the follow on exercises that I promised. Another challenge with a lab like this is what is the audience’s background. For some it was too easy, for others too hard, but for most it was just right. I had hoped to get session feedback earlier (like years past), so maybe the Tuesday or Wednesday labs might have been tweaked, but no such luck.

To the one person who found the typo, sorry. I must have read over the lab a hundred times, and my brain just did not see it, nor did my reviewers.

But overall, I am pleased with the results of my workshop, and hopefully you are using the things you learned. If you have any questions on the workshop, feel free to ping me. And if you build something based on what you learns, please take a moment and share it!


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