Introducing Adobe Edge Reflow!

reflow-logoAdobe is proud to introduce the public preview of Adobe Edge Reflow! Reflow is a design tool that enables designers to create beautiful and responsive websites, built specifically to supplement the workflow of today’s web designers.

Key benefits are:

  • Generate Responsive Layouts: With an intuitive UI and visual workspace, designers can easily create responsive layout. In addition, visual media query breakpoints allow users to visualize their designs for different screen sizes.
  • CSS3 Styling: Reflow offer the features available via the latest CSS3 specs, allowing designers to create high-fidelity designs. Built on a native web surface, Reflow also provide designers the confidence that their vision will be realized.
  • Sharing & Previewing: Designers can either preview their work in the browser or on devices – in real time – via an integrated workflow with Edge Inspect. The CSS code can also be easily extracted for development use.

If you like to learn more about Edge Reflow, I have written an article on the Adobe Developer Connection.

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