Adobe Edge Animate 1.5 released

animate-logoThere has been an update to Edge Animate! This release adds some new CSS capabilities and enhanced text support and improved gradient support. But best of all, it’s still available for free through any subscription tier of Creative Cloud.

Here is a recap of all the new features and capabilities to Edge Animate 1.5:

Edge Web Fonts

You can now browse the Edge Web Fonts library within Edge Animate and apply collection fonts to your compositions. Fonts can be browsed by style and added to the font library at the document level.

CSS Filter Support

The cutting edge of CSS capabilities is making an appearance in the Edge Animate. CSS filter support for:

  • Blur
  • Greyscale
  • Sepia
  • Drop-shadow
  • Brightness
  • Contract
  • Hue-rotate
  • Invert and,
  • Saturate

Are available in the properties panel as animatable effects. Please note: CSS filters are a cutting edge spec and support is only available in Chrome 18 and later, Safari 6, iOS Safari 6 and Blackberry 10.


Apply both radial and linear gradient styling to your elements through the new gradient tool. The new gradients feature allows you to:

  • Add multiple gradient stops to your elements
  • Create animation tweens for gradient colors and positioning
  • Repeat gradients infinitely based on defined color stops
  • Gradient transitions are available in either linear or radial (linear and radial gradient transitions cannot be mixed)
  • Specify CSS properties for radial gradients such as ellipse-farthest-corner, circle-farthest-corner, etc.
  • Control gradient positioning in rotation degrees for linear and x/y percentages for radial.

New Color Picker

The color picker has gotten a refresh to allow for easier color editing.

New Color Modes

Colors can now be defined for both gradients and color using RGBa, HSLa and HEX.

Color Sliders

Color can be easily controlled and applied using new color sliders available in both the color and gradient panels.

Reusable swatches

Swatches can be saved and reused for both gradients and color at the document level.

HiDPI iconography

High resolution icons have been implemented when using Edge Animate on high resolution displays.

CDN Runtime Hosting

Users now have the option of hosting Edge Animate runtime files on the Adobe CDN, allowing caching for faster composition loading. Runtime files with this option selected will not be included on publish export.

Iframe Friendly Preloaders

Preloading is now optimized to work within iframes for coordinated resource loading. Animate compositions contained within iframes can wait for the document to load before signaling the composition to execute, allowing polite preloading for advertisements.

Symbol editing mode preservation on Preview

No longer does your Animate composition return to the stage when previewing in browser. Animate will preserve your current editing state on each preview.

For more information, visit

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