Farewell to Flash Catalyst

Danny Winokur, VP/GM Interactive Business Unit, announced at the recent Flex Summit that Flash Catalyst was being discontinued. This was somewhat expected in light of the other Flex related news. I was disappointed, however, as Flash Catalyst was finally starting to find its true place in the Flash Builder workflow, and the roadmap for its future held a lot of promise. Now that is all moot. The Flex SDK is headed to the Apache Foundation, and several features in Flash Builder will not be included in future versions, like Design View and Data Centric Development (DCD).

As you might know, I am also the Community Lead for Flash Catalyst. Although there will not be any new versions of Flash Catalyst, I plan to continue helping Flash Catalyst users via the forums. However, expect fewer blog entries on Flash Catalyst. I will continue to write about prototyping and mobile development. So, to the entire Flash Catalyst team (Doug, Mark, Adam, Peter, Tara, Ian and the rest), Thank You for your efforts and may you find good fortune whereever you head to.


    1. I doubt it. Although Adobe released the Flex SDK to Apache, Flash Builder is still under development. I would love to be able to take it and with a small team, focus the app toward the right market.

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