Updating Flash Catalyst 1.0 projects: Part 2

Recently I have been updating some older Flash Catalyst 1.0 projects to work in the latest version. I have previously documented a few of the changes you might need to make. Most updated with out a problem. But I recently was updating a project that had a SWF animation included in the project. I brought the project into Flash Builder and applying the other updates. I then tried to export the project, and I received a warning about “Unexpected child: “swfcontroller1″. Expected a compatible visual component”. Ugh.

Luckily, the fix is fairly simple. In Flash Catalyst 1.0, SWF content was displayed using the <fclib:SWFController> tag. This component is no longer supported in the new version of the SDK. So, instead we need to use the <s:MovieClipSWFLoader> tag. I would recommend adding an id attribute (which may not be present in the <fclib> version. The rest of the attributes should be identical. And with that quick edit, my project exported just fine.

Hope this helps!


  1. hi, I was wondering if you could help out, I’ve been playing around with flash catalyst and was able to build a portfolio website. I’ve got an account in wordpress and use it as a webhost to a test portfolio site, Is there a way for me to publish my flash catalyst project to be hosted in wordpress, I’ve exhausted all effort of finding a tutorial or if it’s even possible to do that. cheers in advance 🙂

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