AIR for Android Publish Bug

Recently I had the pleasure of being an Teaching Assistant for Doug Winnie’s Creating Content for Mobile Devices and Tablets in Flash Professional CS5.5 lab at the 2011 Adobe MAX conference. It was a lot of fun assisting students through the process of creating an application that could adapt to various devices. However, during the two labs, we encounter two students having trouble publish updates to their devices.

If I recall correctly they both were using the lab computers, and had installed the correct drivers for their devices. They successfully publish one of the earlier steps of the lab on to the device. Later in the lab, when they tried publish a new version of their apk, it failed.

The revised file ran fine in the ADL, but if the student tried to publish or run a debug version on device, an older version was always published. We even manual deleted the apk from the device, and tried republishing.

Rusty from the Flash Player team was also TA, took a lot, as this issue was above my pay grade. He too was puzzled by the behavior.

In the end, his best guess (without having access to any of the system), was the cached build files that AIR was using to speed compiling were not getting marked as ‘dirty’ and being rebuilt. This might be do to the configuration of the lab machines, but I want to take moment and blog about it. The final solution was to quit Flash Professional, and relaunch it. This seemed to clear up the problem.

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