Adobe AIR 3 & Adobe Flash Player 11 Release Candidates!

Adobe has just updated their Adobe AIR 3.0 release candidate! The latest release candidate provides support for native extensions. This allows you to create and use ActionScript libraries with native code to take advantage of platform and device specific native capabilities and APIs with easy integration into AIR applications. I remember asking Mike Chambers at the 2006 Adobe MAX conference, about this very functionality. Five years later, we have it!

Oliver Goldman has a great introductory article here: Extending Adobe AIR.

Some other key features in AIR 3.0 are: Stage Video Hardware Acceleration, Captive Runtime Support, Android Licensing Service Support, and Encrypted Local Storage for Mobile. Details on these features and more can be found on Adobe Labs.

In tandem, the Flash Player 11 release candidate has also been updated. Some of the key features of this version of the Flash Player is Stage 3D (formerly known as ‘Molehill’).

So go grab them and kick the tires. Look for even more resources and information to be released with the upcoming Adobe MAX conference.


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