Updating Old Flash Catalyst Projects

Recently, someone was trying to use the Flash Catalyst Classroom In A Book files with Flash Catalyst CS5.5. Unfortunately, those files were all authored with Flash Catalyst 1.0. For most of the files, this is an easy fix if you have Flash Builder 4.5 installed. If you don’t, you can download a trial version from Adobe.com.

Once you have imported the FXP into Flash Builder, open the Main.mxml file. This can be found in the PackageExplorer panel, inside the src > (default package).

Now select Properties from the Project Menu.

Flash Builder Player Target Dialog

Then, select the Flex Compiler option from the list on the left. Now change the Adobe Flash Player options from ‘Use a specific version’ to ‘User minimum version required by the Flex SDK’, and click OK.

You can now export the project for use in Flash CatalystCS5.5. Do this, again go to the Project menu, select Flash Catalyst > Export Flash Catalyst Project. It will run the Compatibility Checker, and then export the FXP. There are a few CIB files that require some additional editing, and they are being worked.


  1. Tried this fix for the lesson 1 file RIA.fxp, but got all the same errors (source path, duplicates, etc.). I figured lesson 1 would be the most likely to work, but is there another that is more likely? Also, does it matter which directory I export to? I am using Flash Builder 4.5.1, does that make a difference?

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