Adobe MAX

Adobe MAXI am honored to be speaking on “What’s New in Flash Catalyst CS5.5” at this year’s Adobe MAX conference. Flash Catalyst has gained a lot of key features with this latest release. If you are involved with developing Flex based applications, you should attend this session and learn how Flash Catalyst can aid your workflow. Here is the official session description:

Learn how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to create rich, engaging prototypes and application interfaces. This session will introduce you to features in Flash Catalyst CS5.5 that enable your team to build compelling, Flex-based projects. It will cover the concepts and workflow involved in using Flash Catalyst and show you how to use Flash Catalyst to enhance static designs created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and easily integrate with Adobe Flash Builder. Even if you’ve used Flash Catalyst before, you’ll want to attend this session to discover the many new features offered in the latest version.

So wrap up your MAX conference by attending my session, you never know, I might have a few give aways…

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