Adobe Edge Preview 1 is here!

After being demonstrated during last year’s Adobe MAX conference, the first preview of Adobe Edge is now available on Adobe Labs. Unlike Flash Catalyst which had the code-named Thermo (which ranks as one of the better code-names), Edge is the official name of the product! Although this is some interesting history behind that name as well, but I will leave that for another post.

So what is Edge? Edge is a new tool from Adobe to assist in the development of web animations using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. It is not a Flash converter (nor killer!), but another tools for web designers and a developers to draw upon to create rich and engaging content. This preview release focuses primarily on the process of creating and editing animations. Features like interactivity are planned for later releases.

Edge Preview 1 is something different from Adobe in terms of where the product is in it’s lifecycle. Edge is in fact very early in it life-span. Adobe has been a shifting to a more rapid development cycle in order to better respond to the increasingly changing digital world of both browsers and mobile. Be letting the public have an early look at the tools and it’s direction, the team can take in a wider range of feedback that neither an Advisory Board nor a private beta could provide. So download it, kick it’s tires (or timeline in this case), and let the team hear your thoughts. They are sick of mine ;).

Over the next few days, I will be writing more about my experiences using Edge, or better yet come to Monday night’s San Diego Flash User Group meeting where I will be demoing it!

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