Developing AIR for Android using Flash CS5

I am presenting to the Hawaii Flash User Group on February 22, 2011 via Adobe Connect at 5:00 PM Hawaii Time. This presentation will be done over Adobe Connect, so anyone is welcomed to join in! The Connect URL is

Hope to see you there!

This is an expanded version of the talk I gave at the FiTC unconference.



  1. Chris,
    My apologies if this question is a little off topic, but you may have experience in what i need to know….hopefully!
    I’m using Catalyst to create AIR apps for an Android tablet (specifically Motorola Xoom). I’ve downloaded Flash 10.2 and AIR 2.6. I’ve then stored the app in the download folder and tried to install it. Unfortunately, The Xoom just tells me that it doesn’t recognise the .air extension. No one from Motorola or Adobe can help and i’ve tried numerous websites etc.
    I can run Flash on the Xoom, so it’s not a problem with that aspect. I can also run the app (using AIR) on the pc.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated!

    Dan (

    1. Why yes I do have some experience in both prototyping and mobile 🙂

      Catalyst will not output anything that can be directly used on a mobile device. Your only solution would be to open the FXP in Flash Builder, then migrate the content into a Flash Builder mobile application. This type of application is different from what an desktop Flex application is. This could take a bit. But, you hinted at a faster solution, by just using the browser to play your swf. If you export your project to run from a web server, the you should be able to upload it and run your Catalyst project in the browser. You probably want to enable the project to go full screen (which I can not recall all the steps off the top of my head). You might also need to tweak the HTML and CSS.

      Good luck

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