Flash Catalyst @ MAX

Here is a collection of the sessions on Flash Catalyst from Adobe MAX:

Mastering Flash Catalyst

Go beyond the basics with Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 in this fast-paced session. You’ll learn how to create complex interactive content such as image galleries, media players, accordion panels, 3D effects, and more. Find out how to optimize your project’s size and loading speed to improve the user experience, and boost your productivity with Flash Catalyst tips and tricks. As a bonus, you’ll also get an inside take on the vision for the future of Flash Catalyst. View the presentation

Flash Catalyst CS5 Up Close with Rain, a Digital Agency

See how the designers and developers at Rain, a company that delivers comprehensive solutions for advanced web application development and interactive media, incorporate Adobe Flash Catalyst into their prototyping process for building large applications and websites. Learn how they use Flash Catalyst as the bridge between their designers and developers, letting each group focus on what they do best, and to help visually sell their applications to their clients’ senior management. View the presentation

Using Flash Catalyst CS5 to Design Rich User Experiences

Learn how to design for an effective user experience, which should be the underlying goal for any application. See how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 along with Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Fireworks CS5, and InDesign CS5 as user experience design tools. This session covers creating personas, site maps, storyboards, and wireframes and how these elements are combined to create a finished application. To extend your knowledge from this session, attend the “Hands-on: Using Flash Catalyst CS5 to Design Rich User Experiences” lab. View the presentation

Building Language Learning Tools with Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, and Flash Media Server

Explore the development of a language learning tool. We’ll cover concept, design, production, and evaluation processes as well as all the tools used in those processes, including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, and Flash Media Server. Then we’ll dive into developing user management, authentication, content management, assessment, reporting, and administrative modules. This session provides you with an open source project you can use to get started building your own language learning projects. View the presentation


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