360|Flex East, yeah there are apps for that!

I know John Wilker has mentioned this on the 360|Flex blog and twitter streams, but I want to let others know that my latest conference apps were available. Yes, you read that right plural. The iPhone version can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It has all the usual features one would want in a conference app, sessions, speakers, the ability to mark your sessions for easy viewing, and where the local beer pubs are!

But with the Adobe’s announcement of AIR for Android, I decided to also create a version based on the runtime. In the past, I had made a jQTouch website for the non-iPhone users. Now I can create a more native applications (and in a technology I love!). Not all the features made it into the Android version, but enough. There might be an update shortly, and since I don’t have to wait 7-14 days for someone to approve the update, I can push it out to you once I am ready!

Schedule screen for the AIR for Android version

This application was built with Flash Professional CS5. I thought about using the Flex framework, but currently the components are not very touch-friendly. This will change with the upcoming release of “Hero”, but until then I will use Flash.

The data is stored in a SQLLite database, in fact the same database the powers the iPhone version.

One of the major changes between this version, and its precursor app for FITC San Francisco, is the ability to submit session surveys.

This took a little bit of work to develop the user interface for this. One thing that is not available to AIR for Android is direct access to native style components. For this I turned to Kevin Hoyt’s components. I have extended them to include a radio button, as well as a few other tweaks. Once I have cleaned them up, I will release my modifications.

I hope attendees at 360|Flex East who have either an AIR for Android capable device or an iOS device find these apps useful.

You can download the app directly here.

For those of you attending Adobe’s MAX conference in Los Angeles, I will be speaking on developing AIR for Android at the FITC unconference.

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