Playing With Particles

Particles. They come in all sizes and shapes. They aggregate into complex structures. We ourselves are made of them, even as we exist as particles in a larger system. Particles can form simple swarms with simple behaviours. They can exist in a complex system with simple rules, generating complex behaviours. They can be active individuals and steadfast obstacles. They can wear disguises, and trick us into thinking they are something else.

My good friend Kristin Henry, is starting a new project to create at least 40 unique generative art work. She is trying to fund the project using Kickstart. Those of you unfamiliar with Kickstart, it is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.

If this project is funded, she’ll continue playing with particles and share the beautiful images she create with them! She’ll create a series of generative art works, based on concepts from chemistry, fractal geometry, and graph theory.

Her goal is to create at least 40 unique generative art works. Images generated from the project will be collected in a full-color art book, along with the mathematical and scientific concepts that inspire them.

Here is a sample of some past efforts:

So take a moment and look over the project and consider kicking a few bucks!


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