FITC: AIR for Android Schedule App Available

Application Home Screen

FITC Application Home Screen

In the process of preparing the conference applications for 360|Flex DC, I decided to take the framework I was developing using the prerelease for AIR for Android and try to crank out a conference application for FITC’s upcoming conference. I knew I was going to be doing some manual data entry, but thought it would be a fun challenge.

Taking the lead from the visual design of the existing website, I began to skin my application to reflect their style. Once their iPhone app was released, I modified a few elements to stay in visual sync.

The app is driven from an internal SQLite database, and was built using Flash CS5 Professional.

Wish I was attending FITC, and hear all the great talks, but not this year.

You can download the APK, but you will need to have the latest AIR for Android installed on a device (running Froyo) in order for it to run.

I have to give a big thank you to Renaun Erickson for helping me track down a nasty bug.



The app features all three days, plus the workshops.

I did not get to add any physics (shameful since my degree is in physics) to any of the lists, so don’t expect a flick gesture to do anything. You never know, there might be an update during the show, and since I don’t have to wait days or weeks for some other company’s approval, I can just send out a tweet to a new apk file.

I was really impressed at the overall performance I was able to achieve with the app. I know it is not a game, but the list scrolling seems smooth, and for the most part the development process is very smooth.

Session Details

The session details

I was able to add the favorite functionality to the application, simply touch the star icon in the upper left, to mark the session as a favorite. Now, you can access your favorite sessions right from the home screen. I feature I did not get to was being able to view the presenter’s biography from within the session details. Like I said before, there might be an update…

Speaker List

Speaker List

One thing I like on the iPhone is their user interface for contacts. I was not able to create an index feature for the speaker list, so Doug Winnie is just going to have to scroll to find himself. I hope in future builds of this framework I will have a search function. I also debated which is ‘best’ order to display a list like this? Love to hear your thoughts on it.

Voodoo Lounge Sessions

I also included the schedule of the Voodoo Lounge. I plan on having it up on my screen next week, but I doubt I will be enjoying a beer (Coke Zero will have to do).

I hope you find this application useful and welcome any feedback you have.



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