Designer/Developer Workflow Conference

It is summer, so it must be conference session. This year we have several new conferences on the calendar: Flash and the City and the Designer/Developer Workflow Conference (or D2WC). Dee Sadler, a long time Adobe community leader is putting together what looks to be a great conference. It’s focus is on the actual workflows that we all use every day, going from Illustrator to Indesign, or from Photoshop through Flash Catalyst and into Flash Builder. Nothing we build is done without some kind of workflow, the key to success is creating one that works.

The conference will have a keynote by Doug Winnie from Adobe, a man who has great passion for improving the workflow. In fact he is one of the people behind WorkflowLab, now available from Adobe Labs. The conference is filled with a great collection of speakers from Rob Huddleston to Andy Powell to Scott Janosek to Ben Stucki.

If you are in the Midwest, I would recommend heading to Kansas City for this one. A a bonus, I have heard they have some might good BBQ in that town….

Hope to see you there!

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