Flash and the City: mobile app saga

I thought I would take a few moments to talk about the Flash and the City conference’s mobile app. I knew the FATC crew was working on a great iPhone app based on the Flash Profession CS5 Packager for iPhone solution. Then section 3.3.1 was modified in the iPhone TOS and that was the end of that effort. I had originally planned on attending the conference, so I offered my conference schedule application framework to them to build a replacement. So I set about grabbing the various bits of data and coding up a new schedule application.

A new feature I was hoping to deploy was some geo-location. I had a map for my FlashCamp San Francisco app I wrote (but did not release).
Last Sunday, I put the finishing touches on the app after some testing by my Jr. Developers, and submitted into Apple.

Well, Wednesday afternoon rolls around and the application was still awaiting approval. I was not going to let the FATC crew down, and began creating a web app version of the schedule. I turned to the jQTouch library to use as my framework. With some careful find and replace work in TextWrangler, I soon had converted the major portions of the application from the Titanium Appcelerator version to a jQTouch version.

The following day I tweaked the code a bit more to improve the user experience (the upside of a web app over a native app). Another bonus was folks with an Android based device, would have a useful mobile friendly version of the conference schedule. The app can be viewed here.

I am wonder how many flags were triggered in Apple’s application screening process. Heck, I bet Mr. SJ probably has to view the app before it’s fate is decided. At this point, the app is worthless with one day left in the conference (Although I am collecting a great set of bios on many in the Flash community).

My new effort is to create a similar application for Designer/Developer Workflow Conference in mid-June. I now plan to have the various versions of that application done as soon as possible to avoid this issue again.

Update: The app was approved yesterday. Feel free to download it and see what we built.

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