More iPhone Development

Well I just finished up developing another iPhone app! This time for the upcoming 360iDev Conference. Although the app I wrote for the 360Flex conference worked great, there is always room for improvements. The most notable change is that this app is built using the 1.1 version of the Titanium SDK. This has given the app a nice performance boost. It also gave me some user interface elements that were not previously available, the A-Z index control for the speaker list.

Unfortunately, it did require quite a bit of recoding. The new SDK has moved away from WebViews as their primary view source, so I had to redesign most of the screens to use the faster native views. I also took the time to expand the update engine, to allow more flexibility for last minute schedule changes.

One planned feature for the 1.0 release that was dropped, was the ability to mark a session as a favorite. With the launch of the iPad, I thought it best to make sure that the app got into the approval process to make sure it was ready before the conference. I am currently testing the feature, and hope to have an update submitted shortly.

I forgot, one more new feature is a map of the eBay Town Hall. I didn’t know John had one for 360Flex (but a fair number of us were repeat attendees, so it was not as important). So, for the 360iDev attendees they are covered.

The app can be downloaded for free at:


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