mobileMAX: Your MAX, Your Schedule, Your Mobile

After many late nights of coding, I am pleased to release my mobileMAX application. This mobile app will allow you to quickly view the conference schedule for not only the official Adobe sessions but all four of the unConferences. Additionally, you will be able to view the schedule of your chosen sessions (assuming you got the MAX scheduler to behave).

Home Screen for the Flash Lite version

Home Screen for the Flash Lite version

iPhone Session Listing

iPhone Session Listing

There are four versions available; a Flash Lite 3.1 version (using the Adobe Mobile Packager), a Windows Mobile version (also using AMP), a Flash Lite 2.1 version, and yes an iPhone web version.

To get started, go to (I work on several sites related to the history of the Atomic Age and decided to just use one of those servers for the project). Once you have made an account, log back in to the Adobe MAX scheduler and copy the webcal URL for your schedule. Paste that into the web application and let it process your schedule. Once that is done you can download the mobileMAX app for your device. You don’t need do this, but the app becomes more useful if you do.

For the iPhone version, I created a custom web app. After opening the URL in Safari, click the “Add to Homescreen” button to create a shortcut.

It has been a blast building this and I hope the community finds it helpful. See you at MAX!


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