Flash Catalyst Quick Links

Designer-developer workflow enhancements with Flash Catalyst by Elad Elrom 

This is a great summary of the challenges the Flash Catalyst (FC) faces as it attempts to solve the Designer-Developer workflow problem. Given how complex this problem is, Elad provides some clear thoughts on how FC can ease this transition. For me the key point was to think of your application in smaller custom components. As a Developer/Designer, I find the best way to solve development problems is to break the entire task down into smaller chunks. The same process can be applied to using FC. By doing so, the output should be more usable by a development, which will in all likelyhood, refactor the code to fit their development model. But by providing smaller elements, this integration should happen smoother and facilitate revisions.

Adobe Flash Catalyst best practices by Andrew Shorten

In this article, Andrew give some advice on configuring your Adobe Illustrator files so that Flash Catalyst interpret them easier. I mentioned the need for visual designers to take care in creating their assets. Remember “Layer 3 copy” doesn’t help the workflow.


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