Quick Tip: Styling your Flex project

Rachel Luxemburg tweeted this: “Extremely cool Flash visualization app: Personas from MIT — http://personas.media.mit.edu/personasWeb.html — see yourself as the Web sees you!” 

The application is very well done, I spent some time playing with various name besides my own. But what struck me, was although the developer spent some much time with this very cool visualization, they forgot to take care of the “Flash of Flex Teal”.

For those who aren’t familiar with this ‘effect’. It is the brief display of the default Flex teal before the actual Flex application begins its initialization and rendering.

How every this effect is easily remove by add an additional parameter to the compiler argument list. To do this select Properties from the Project Menu. The following window will appear:


Choose the Compiler options from the list, then add the following arguement

-default-background-color #000000

In this case, our application will start with black instead of the default teal.


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