Reflection from the glow of FlashCamp SF

I meant to write this up after I returned from Adobe’s San Francisco offices, but with Saturday being my 16th wedding anniversary, I figured I should not spend it in front of a keyboard.


I flew up to San Francisco that morning. I was surprised to find James Polanco from Development Arc, standing just past the security exit at SFO. He was waiting for his business partner who was arriving on another flight. We rode BART into the city chatting about the upcoming event. They had some meetings to attend to, and I headed for the hotel. (We were later photographed together at the event).

After spending after of the afternoon at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, I headed down to 601 Townsend. A small crowd was gathering in the lobby, while various Adobers, were busy setting everything up.

I chatted with several good friends, as a queue began to form. The line quickly began snaking around the lobby. After a few minutes, the check-in table was open; raffle tickets, badges, t-shirts, and other goodies were quickly handed out. I thanked Rachel Luxemberg for the suggestion of the museum. If you don’t know Rachel, you should.


I grab a nice beer from the great selection out together by Mike Chambers. Kudos for posting the choices. I know they were competing with FlashOnTap in the beer category, but it nice to be able to do some homework on the brews before hand, to make the best choices.

As we enjoyed a drink or two and a some nosh, I was able to reconnect with several old friends. I had to miss last year’s MAX due to the death of my father, so this brought back warm memories of events past.

We found our seats, folks from all parts of the community were in attendance: from Google to Facebook to students. Kevin Lynch CTO of Adobe, and David Wadhwani, GM and VP of the Flash Platform business unit provide an overview of the Flash Platform. The video and slides are now online. The rest of the presentations should be available within a day or two.

For a lot of folks, seeing the progress on Flash Catalyst was the highlight of the evening. When the CDs were begin handed out, it seemed that FC was being installed first on most machines.

Various team members showed various new elements with the Framework, the newly rename Flash Builder and Catalyst. Some of the key points were the Data List Component in Flash Catalyst, the new Skinning capabilities in the Flex Framework, and the Client Side Data Management.

Throughout the evening, the various teams were available for some one-on-one Q&A. I had a great chat with Adam Cath of the Flash Catalyst team about the Data List Component and using the tools for mobile UIs.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Thanks Adobe and Mike Chambers for hosting such a wonderful event. (And winning a copy of CS4 Master Collection didn’t hurt either!)


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