Rapid Prototyping Tools

Dan Harrelson has  a post on the Adaptive Path Blog entitled “Rapid Prototyping Tools“. He has a nice list of various tools that we can use in creating our prototypes.

One application that was missing from the this list was Adobe Director. It is true that this grand old application’s limelight had faded, but it still holds a lot of power and capabilities that other tools can’t bring to the table. Although I spend most of my time now inside the Flash Platform suite of programs, there is always a part of me that fondly remembers my time spend with Lingo.

It has a nice set of prebuilt behaviors and a set of components, so creating UI mock ups are not too difficult. One down side is, you can not leverage it’s output for production. I once built a complex UI prototype of a Tomahawk Cruise Missile control station, but we knew not one line of code was useful by the development team.


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