Adobe AIR Development Plug-In for Aptana Studio Now Available

Today, the Adobe Air Team  announced that with Aptana that the next major update to the Adobe AIR Development Plug-In for Aptana Studio is now available for download

The full list of features in the plug-in include:

  • Support for Adobe AIR 1.5. (new)
  • Integrated JavaScript Debugger. Watch screencast. (new)
  • Bundled JavaScript frameworks with full code assist (new)
  • Tools for generating application badges (new)
  • Integrated content assist for the Adobe AIR SDK
  • Pre-installed Adobe AIR runtime and SDK
  • Project wizard generates all necessary files for out-of-the box launching of Adobe AIR applications
  • Export wizard bundles and deploys Adobe AIR applications
  • Easily import Ajax libraries into Adobe AIR projects
  • Create and manage certificates for signing Adobe AIR applications
  • Support for localization, menu builders, and source viewing
  • Adobe AIR samples that can be previewed or imported as project
  • Help and online documentation

If you are looking for a good Javascript editor, I would highly recommend it,


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