Adobe Mobile Client 1.1 unveiled as part of Qualcomm BREW MP (BREW Mobile Platform)

Qualcomm launched the Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) Developer Network. The Brew MP was announced during last year’s BREW conference as a part of the Open Screen Project. The Brew MP is a flexible operating system platform for mobile devices, which includes the Adobe Mobile Client 1.1.


Brew® Mobile Platform supports developers who want to create applications in Flash®. Brew MP uses Adobe Mobile Client (AMC), a new version of the Flash Player engineered specifically to provide excellent performance, add extensibility and use a small memory footprint. The AMC 1.1 runtime player is available for all Brew MP devices.

ActionScript can call extensions into Brew MP that expose device capabilities such as GPS, Bluetooth, databases and networking. Combining Flash with C in Brew MP, you can embed Flash content into applications that reach the core functionality of the device.

Adobe Creative Suite (CS3 and CS4) and Brew MP are integrated via the Adobe Extension Manager, allowing you to create applications, user interfaces and widgets. All Brew MP devices are ActionScript 1.0 capable; you can also publish SWF files to play on the Brew MP Simulator or on supported devices.

There is a session at this year’s Adobe MAX conference on the Open Screen Project. Steve Sprigg from Qualcomm will be speaking. I will also be in attendance, so I might also be able to answer your questions.


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