Google Map Project update

Been thinking about the various issues that I had with the first release of the Google Map API for Flash. In the latest release, 1.4, the team fixed one of my issues. Mucho Thanks!. That was the issue of not being able to center a marker in both the vertical and horizontal. I folded the update into the code (I still need to merge back some mods from the Yahoo! version), and the overlays appeared exactly as I wanted them too. So good bye all that fun math I had been using!

So, I started thinking of solutions to the issue that markers pop to the top of the z-order when you rollover them. I understand the behaviour for this, I just wish it was a setting you could easily change. My first thought was to use the BitmapData class to create a composite graphic from the PNGs I was currently using. I played with this solution for a while. Then I had an AHA moment. 

While I was changing the application to use RSL to keep the file size down, I started thinking about linking in the PNGs for the overlay. Then something hit me and said, “They are fraking circles, just draw them in code” So I wrote a quick test and it worked great. Here a preview of the app.

Overlay Sample

So now I need to rebuild the engine that calculates the blast distances to create the single image. 


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