So long, Google Maps

Well, I spent most of the morning trying various things to get custom markers/overlays to work in the Google Maps API. The first real issue the fact that you cannot center the marker image in BOTH horizontally and vertically at the same time. Can someone explain why this is not an option??!? I have every other alignment as an option, but not this one?

So I reworked the code a bit to try to solve this. Since the overlays are circles that stack one on top of another, I need them to properly align. My solution was to use the one of the built in alignment settings to take care of one axis, then recalculated the Latitude based on the size of the overlay, so I could align it in the other direction. The visual outcome was ok, but not what you want to see in code.

Then came the straw that broke the camel’s back. It seems if you rollover the marker, it pops to the top of the z-order. Well, I’m stacking a series of concentric circles around a center point, and popping the outermost circle to the top and blocking the inner circles, well that is not going to work. I could not seem to locate a method to disable this.

So I’ve pulled the code from the site, and am now recoding it using the Yahoo! AS3 Map. If that fails, I might shelve the project, or use the HTML/JS wrapper solution that folks were using before.

Ugh! (Plus it is freaking raining in San Diego on Memorial Day weekend!)


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